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Precision Stone Design
Renee Costa

Precision Stone Design is a premier fabricator of granite countertops, quartz countertops, natural stone and porcelain. Precision Stone came to us with with the need of having a commercial style promotional video created for their company that showcases their process.

Project Breakdown

The Challenge

We needed to film huge industrial equipment in their warehouse where conditions were not optimal for expensive video equipment. We had our crew prepare our cameras and equipment for this specific set because we knew we were going to get down and dirty! We managed to pull-off amazing shots and compositions because of our amazing crew and DP; Brice Pardo.

Our Approach

We knew that stone design is not an easy process. Once the client walked us through the entire process, we knew that this is what the audience wants to see. Our approach was to film from start to finish on how a slab of stone is selected, designed, and cut with the precision cutting technology that our client uses. The result was a perfect blend of cinematic industrial footage with uplifting story-telling.

Behind The Scenes
Director :
Renee Costa
The Team :
Precision Stone Design
Renee Costa
Renee Costa
Brice Pardo
Brice Pardo
Chris Swoboda
Kyla Devries
Renee Costa
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