Superhero Collective Announcement

Tim Brigham
Steven Caban

The Superhero Collective visits children who are suffering from serious ailments. They dress as well-known superheroes to deliver toys and bring some joy and excitement to kids battling disease in the hospital. Morbi at justo vitae orci molestie commodo at ut nisi. Pellentesque ante nunc, tincidunt eget ex sed, consectetur fringilla augue. Curabitur molestie sagittis enim, lacinia facilisis nisl pellentesque ut.

Project Breakdown

The Challenge

The Superhero Collective needed a video to push to their corporate sponsors to increase donations for their next initiative: receive and renovate a home from the land bank, and donate to the family of a terminally ill child. This video project had no benefit of time or preparation. We booked the venue day of, and gathered the required crew to deliver a cinematic heartfelt video with a 2 day turn around time.

Our Approach

Large diffused daylight source blends with the tungsten light fixtures resulting in an image that looks like a painting. Our team created a striking introduction shot with a dolly for a serious tone. Audio was cleanly captured so that these talents could get their message across loud and clear.

Behind The Scenes
Director :
Steven Caban
The Team :
Tim Brigham
Steven Caban
Steven Caban
Brice Pardo
Brice Pardo
Renee Costa
Steven Caban
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