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When you're in the real estate industry you know presentation is everything. Full Bars Media can produce the most elegant, high quality, and creative videos for any of your marketing needs. From developers to realtors, we focus on producing the best videos to convert prospects to sales, meetings to contracts, and reviews to investments. There is no match anywhere in the city where you can get the full package like Full Bars Media Delivers! Content is king.

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Quality and well produced videos don't have to cost an arm and a leg. We pride ourselves in offering transparent pricing to all our clients by providing a fair estimate based on our hourly rate sheet for every step of the production proccess. Whether you need more visual effects or more hours filming, every section of the production proccess runs at $99/Hour.

Property Video Tours

Beautiful high quality property video tours to showcase your property to your perfect buyer. Perfect for Real Estate Agents or Developers

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Brand Promo Videos

Showcase your brand in the most unique and engaging way with a full action packed brand promo video. Perfect for boutique brokerages.

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