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Full Bars Media is not just a video production company. We are made of artists, producers, and creatives that aspire to create inspirational and informative films that appeal a wide range of audiences. We are proud to produce some of the hottest shows online that have people talking.

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Real Estate leasing Show

Learn how to live it up. Stephanie Spenner has the inside scoop on the best apartments.

Real Estate Flipping Show

Legendary flipper Ryan Garcilazo goes behind the scenes to teach you what it takes to learn how to maximize your profit while flipping homes
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What's Included.

Aside from one-time projects, Full Bars Media offersconsistent month-by-month media packages that willform the backbone of your marketing campaign. New evergreen content produced monthly will keepyour audience engaged and increases sales andbrand awareness to enable your sales team.

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IGTV / Facebook Channel
Actively managed IGTV or Facebook Channel
Youtube Channel
Actively managed Youtube Channel
4 Promotional or Expository Long Form Videos
24 Hours On-Site Filming
48 Hours of Editing & Post-Production
Instagram / Facebook
40 Instagram Posts or 16 ONE Minute Videos.
Long Form Video
4 Long Form Videos (2 - 3 Min)
Video Business Cards
4 Interview-Style Videos With Micro Sites