Dominic Cervaña
Photographer, Editor, and Content Strategist
The Craft of Story Telling Merged with Strategy and Innovation are the Pillars of the Art of Persuasion.

Dominic Cervana is a Zealous filmmaker who serves as the director of photography, editor, and content strategist at Full Bars Media Chicago team. Dominic understands that Video is the number one converting form of media. But just having a cool video does not cut it anymore. They need to be working round the clock to generate leads, build brand awareness, increase sales and so much more. He believes that the most compelling way to integrate video into your business is to create videos that work with one another. and he does just that. He pursues helping a wide range of businesses and individuals focusing on home service industry, Developers, And hospitality Companies. Reach out to take advantage of the most powerful form of media the world has ever known.




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